August Wardrobe Experiment

August Wardrobe Experiment

So I have been what I call “curating” my fashion wardrobe for the past few years collecting great pieces along the way that I felt I would wear and cherish for many years to come. That being said, I always end up just gravitating to my current favourites and wearing the same few pieces over and over again. So what I have decided to do this time, is to try and go one month without wearing the same thing twice. This doesn’t go for footwear or accessories, just wardrobe. I will document each day with a photo and break down the items that I wore.

This will be a big challenge for me as it is going to push me wardrobe wise and push my own personal boundaries to come up with appropriate looks everyday.

Here are some pictures of my closets:

Closet Pic 1
Closet Pic 2
Closet Pic 3
Closet Pic 4

So my first outfit picture posting will be tomorrow. Lets see if I can succeed with this ambitious closet/wardrobe challenge!

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