I’m Obsessed

I’m Obsessed

Summer Beauty Staples

As much as I love summer, one does need a few great beauty staples to help survive the heat while still looking absolutely fabulous. These are a few items I use every day that help me stay looking my best and help to keep me cool and fresh looking during those extremely hot and humid days. Ladies you really only need a few essentials to get you through, so are are my beauty must haves:



Sunscreen is a true beauty must have for anyone. A quick application every day before you head out and before your make up is applied is all that is needed. It helps keep your skin looking younger and you can still get a tan, just a much safer one! My absolute favourite is Dermalogica’s Solar Defence Booster SPF 30. I have  tired many brands through out the years and this is definitely the best. It doesn’t irritate your eyes, so you can get it nice and close to the eye area and it leaves no white residue, which is something I absolutely hate.


Tinted Moisturizer:

Tinted Moisturizer

During the summer I find foundation just too heavy. I also feel that it looks super obvious when you start to sweat it off.  A great tinted moisturizer is really all you need. The great thing about a tinted moisturizer is you can go a shade darker than your natural skin tone to give you more of a tan look with out the dreaded face mask look of a foundation since it goes on nice an sheer. It is great at evening out your skin tone and giving it that nice and healthy glow that everyone covets. I really like the ones by Laura Mercier as they offer great options for different skin types; there is the original, oil free and luminizing. I really feel everyone can find their perfect match from them.


Waterproof Mascara:

Waterproof Mascara

So I have still yet to understand why make-up companies continue to make non-waterproof mascara…really what woman is able to wear it and not raccoon it? Anyways, after many tests with many different brands including the expensive designer ones, I have found one that seems to really live up to all its claims, and it stays on. Trust me, I have gone swimming with it on, worn it in of 46°C weather with high humidity and even slept with it on (I know I know…soo bad for you) BUT alas no smudges!!! I also love how the Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express mascara really allows you not to have to choose between having volume or length for you lashes from your mascara. It really delivers, and I find when you have great lashes you need very little else make-up wise.


Lip Gloss with SPF:

Lip Gloss with SPF

Gloss is a must with any girl, and the is especially evident in the summer months. But in the summer you also want to protect your lips from the sun. Not only to keep them looking great, but also take it from me, sun burnt lips are the absolute worst!!! There are lots of lip balms to choose from with an SPF in them and even a few tinted ones, but to be really honest I am lazy and I don’t really want to go through a whole process of applying those and then following up with a gloss. Plus that is way to many products to carry around. That is why I was soo excited to find out that Clinique now offers there long last glosswear with an SPF 15. My favourite every day colour is bamboo pink, a beautiful natural pink with a little bit of an extra punch to it.


Blotting Papers:

Blotting Papers

Everyone sweats, it really is a natural phenomena. Though I do love how many women refer to it as glowing…sounds soo much classier. Unfortunately to continue adding powder to combat it, ends up making your face look like you have caked make up on, that is why I prefer blotting papers. There are lots out there but I have to say it is better to go with the ones that don’t have powder in them. I really like the MAC ones. There blotting film works amazing. I have even had some of my guy friends borrow them to remove the extra grease on their face. I will tell you one secret though…if in a pinch, toilet seat covers work great!


Hair Ties:

Hair Ties

If my hair isn’t up for the day, I still need to have an elastic on hand just in-case I want to throw it up and get it off my neck, or it just isn’t looking so fabulous. I love these hair ties for that reason, they look great on your wrist if you aren’t using it, and they also are so gentle on your hair that when you do use them to through your hair up, it doesn’t damage it like other elastics do. The brand emi-jay are my favourites since there are lots of colours to choose from including my favourite, the metallic collection, and they are also done by these two teenage girls in the states, which I think is amazing. Try them I guarantee you will be as addicted to them as I am, I sometimes even have more than one on my wrist since they look so great!


Well those are my main beauty staples for the summer, occasionally I will add a liquid blush and a great powder bronzer, but for every day this is it.

Stay tuned for my next posting project for the whole month of August!

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