On Set

Look Book Shoot for:

LOVAS by Wesley Badanjak

Everyone gets to see the final image from a photo shoot, and they don’t really know what really happens behind the scenes to get to that image, so I thought I would give some insight.

To give you a bit of a background on the line, LOVAS by Wesley Badanjak is a great line by a talented designer, Wesley Badanjak who also works for Canadian womenswear designer David Dixon as his production manager, it is a woman’s wear line for woman aged 25 and up. It is impeccably tailored and fun to wear. This is a little glimpse of what happens behind the scene to put this look book together for LOVAS spring 2011, and for those who don’t know what a look book is, it is a sales tool that shows all the looks in the designers collection for buyers and other industry members to view the whole collection.


Besides having the clothes to show off, you also need great accessories to help create the whole feel of the designers vision. Wesley worked closely with amazing jewelry designer Rita Tesolin and had her create custom pieces that complimented his collection.

Cuffs by Rita Tesolin for LOVAS
Earrings & Rings by Rita Tesolin for LOVAS
Necklaces by Rita Tesolin for LOVAS

These were definitely fun to play with!!!

Stylist Tools:

Every good stylist has an arsenal of tools in their kit to make the clothing and everything else look absolutely perfect for the camera. My kit contains: electrical tape to tape the bottoms of shoes to keep them clean, pins, clips, clamps, toupee tape (for taping clothes down where they need to stay), tights, shoe horn, lint brush, silicon bran inserts, nipple covers etc. To give you an idea of what sometimes needs to be done, here is a back shot of a dress, that I had to tailor to fit the model better, with clamps and rubber bands.

Alterations Using Clamps

See, many times the clothes don’t fit the models perfectly either, I pretty much always have to take it in in one way or another to make them look absolutely perfect.

Having Fun:

You have to try and have fun on set as well, especially as in this day we were in the studio with no air conditioning and it was 35C outside! So when you have a good team, and everyone has a great attitude you can have a ton of fun.

On Set of LOVAS Look Book Shoot

This is myself, Wesley and our models on set.

Stay tuned for the final images….

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