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Chanel Fall Nail Polish Colours

So every season Chanel always seems to come up with the best nail colour trend defining colours, Le Vernis Nail Colours have always been on every fashionista and fashion and beauty editor’s nails and wish lists. Will we ever forget Black Satin, Noir Cermaic, Jade, Particular, or Nouvelle Vague? Well this fall they have quite a few colours up for grabs, some of them very limited and very hard to get your hands on, and one that has now, so I have been told, been added to their line-up, just like Black Satin was. Here are the shades that I am truly lusting after….



This is an incredible dark grey with an iridescent violet in it…definitely looks incredible on the nails, and if it is any indicator, even though it is no longer limited edition, they still can’t keep it in stock and there are wait lists.

Black Velvet

Black Velvet

This is an amazing velvety black with more of a matte finish. One word of warning this limited edition shade definitely needs a base coat, it grips your nails like I have never seen before. I love the velvety matte finish, I feel that is a fresh take on the normal shiny black we have been seeing everywhere.

Les Khakis

Les Khakis

These three shades were limited edition shades created for Vogue’s Fashion Night Out and they were launched at the Chanel in SOHO. So many people were lusting after them in other cities, that some Chanel counters got them, though I can tell you there was a definite wait list for them – I was one of them on it! I have to admit, I love all three shades:

Khaki Brun

This one looks a little more green in real life. I absolutely love it, it is a nice warm shade that really flatters many people and makes a great every day colour.

Khaki Rose

This is a more pinky brown version of particular. It is a colour that I can see all ages loving and is incredibly sophisticated.

Khaki Vert

This one is probably my absolute favourite of all the fall shades. It is the perfect Khaki green, is more cool toned then the other two shades in Les Khakis. It is most likely going to be my go to colour for the whole fall season. I absolutely love it!

Chanel has definitely done it again as Peter Philips has been creating some incredible colours that women are going nuts for. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Spring 2011!

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