For The Boys

Stolen Riches are amazing premium dress laces thought up by founder David Barclay, allowing men to make a fashion statement using their laces. I am crazy about these and they are a fun way for the boys to incorporate colour in their work wardrobe for little expense, each pair of these laces retails for $14.50. Stolen Riches has over 100 yrs of manufacturing experience so you know these luxury laces will last. There are a range of colours available from neutrals such as: Mission Blue, Folsom Black, Moville Green, Der Alte Burgundy, Gipper Brown and brights such as: Portsalon Red, Buster Purple, Tiqui Orange, Dickie Blue, Isolar Silver. All I can say is men you are super lucky! Really wanting a pair, hopefully soon they will make it for us girls…hint hint David.

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