Hair Care that Works!!!

L’Oreal Paris New Hair Care Collection

Total Repair 5

So I admit I am a total product junkie. It may be a result that I continually get bored of my natural hair colour so I do things like dye it red or dark brunette, and when the upkeep becomes too much I strip it out and go back to my natural hue of blonde. But from all that torture my hair is just not as great as it used to be, say bye bye to natural waves and healthy shine. Well I have been scouring high and low to find products to try and revive my hair instead of chopping it all off and starting fresh. So when L’Oreal started advertising their new hair care line I thought I may try it. When I saw it on sale in my local drug store I bought every piece from the Total Repair 5 Collection; shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, overnight treatment, leave in detangler treatment; junkie, I know…Anyways to my surprise for the first time ever my hair has taken to all the claims and actually looks healthier, feels softer, has more body and has more shine! I felt I had to share as I know many of us are obsessed with finding the perfect product. Well as of right now this one comes pretty close and it is at a much more affordable price than the professional brands. I will definitely recommend this particular collection and I have a feeling the other ones in it will be just as great.

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